We can only provide a sampling of the kind of work we have done here. It is best to contact us to get more information especially if you are looking for a specific expertise or prior experience in a relevant field.

Aviation – news updates and features for a number of publications and news agencies e.g. Air Transport World, Aviation Week, Aviation Week & Space Technology

Culture – opinion columns for newspapers, research for University of Tasmania.

Ecology – features on marine life in Discovery Channel Magazine, Gaia Discovery, Asian Diver and more.

Energy – reports written on fossil energy trends, geo-political climate landscapes, renewable and non-conventional energy sources, biomass and biofuels, and more.

Urban Spaces, Cities – opinion columns for newspapers, survey and reports on indicators of sustainable townships and eco-cities as well as case studies on liveable cities for the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities; editing chapters for the report on Strategies for Cooling Singapore by Future Cities Laboratory and more.

Media Training – Series of half day or full day sessions focused on training C-level executives in dealing with the media (broadcast, print and digital)

Workshops – public relations training, media release and speech writing, feature article writing

Advisory – developing a strategy for communications; sustainable/environmental management conceptual framework; developing the right kind of corporate social responsibility programme for your company

Sustainability Reporting – written reports based on GRI standards for American based chemical and dye company DyStar, GRI-aligned report for agricultural company Apical in partnership with Corporate Citizenship