The idea of Gaia Consult Global arose when a few like-minded individuals came together to pool their expertise and experiences to assist businesses and organisations with communications, training and advisory services. One thing binds us no matter where we are or what we specialise in – we are passionate about the environment.

Gaia Consult is a branch of Gaia Discovery, a premier sustainability business that was founded in 2008 to provide sustainability-related news and stories to international readers. Gaia Discovery is a registered business in Singapore.

Gaia Consult has offices in Singapore and Australia.
The principals of Gaia Consult are well qualified in various subject areas and in the Asia Pacific region.

About Gaia Discovery
Gaia Discovery captures responsible tourism news, ecology, people profiles, social enterprises, adventures, festivals and more. Gaia Guide is a series of online travel guides on sustainable destinations, natural areas of attractions and responsible tourism operators.